Travel photography resources
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Check out our ultimate gear guide for travel photography.
Learn about what resources we use from cameras and lenses, to photography magazines and editing software.
Start turning average photos into great photos with our 3 Must-Dos for travel photography.

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What do you think it means to be a travel blogger?
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this profession.
Like, for example, that we all travel the world for free.
That we are having a great time 100% of the time and sugar-coat reality.

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Blogging Secrets
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On the day our Snorkels To Snow travel blog went live, I hoped we’d get about 100 page views within a couple of days.
Within the first 36 hours of our site going live, we had 670 PAGE VIEWS.
Given the number of travel blogs in existence, entering a somewhat saturated market was always going to be a challenge.
So, we were quietly very excited to have kicked off with a much bigger boom than expected.

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Multiple Blog Post Ideas
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A journalist brain never rests.
It never stops questioning its surroundings.
It is always looking to go more in-depth, to uncover something new, to come up with new ideas.
A journalist brain is, at worst, inquisitive, at best – an unduly curious, impertinent, multi-tasking, always-on-the-go, analytical, critical-thinking investigative writing machine.
So how does having a journalist brain help create multiple blog post ideas from one trip?

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Liebster Award Image
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OUR FIRST BLOGGING AWARD   We are thrilled to be the recipients of a Liebster Award nomination from Emily at Adventures & Kindness! The┬áLiebster Award is a blogging nomination for new and small blogs designed to share the blogging love and support new bloggers. Emily saw our potential actually before […]

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The internet is saturated with articles on how to start a travel blog. But there was one thing I didn’t realise.
The cost.
How much money it costs to start a travel blog.
It slowly became apparent that in order to have a good quality business-like blog & brand, I’d need to invest in a few things first.
I tried to take the free/cheap route as long as possible but in the end I knew I was going to have to pay to start a travel blog.

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I am constantly in awe of some of the incredible written and visual storytelling on a number of travel blogs today.
I’ve poured over countless travel blogs seeking inspiration, advice and ideas – so we wanted to share our top 5 with you.
If you haven’t got them bookmarked on your browser yet, then make sure you do by the end of this article!

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