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Tokyo DisneySea For Adults: A magical world



I took a deep breath, not knowing exactly what to expect.

If it wasn’t for my husband being such a thrill seeker, there is no way I would be on the Tower of Terror, slowly rising up into the sky.

John was an old hat at crazy rides and rollercoasters. I’d been to Disneyland in LA when I was a teenager, but not being much of adrenalin junkie at the time, I chose the nice, happy-go-lucky easy rides like the teacups, where screaming is an unnecessary addition.

But not this day.

I was in Tokyo with John aka Mr Never-Let-The-Heartbeat-Rest-Under-120-Beats-Per-Minute.

The Tower of Terror was right up his ally.


The lift dropped.

I squealed like a piglet running away from becoming bacon, screaming in the only way possible when one is rapidly dropping from a height in an elevator-style ride.

People do this for FUN??

Up it went again, and down, DOWN, up, down, up, up up up UPPPPP to the very top with the most incredible view of all of DisneySea and then


I was fairly certain my stomach and heart were no longer part of my body and were hovering somewhere at the top of the tower.

But I laughed. Laughed in that I’m-so-terrified manner where laughing is the only thing stopping you from crying.

Before arriving at Tokyo DisneySea, I had no intention of going on the Tower of Terror. It looked like my worst nightmare. And if it wasn’t for John, I would never have lined up.

But somewhere in me, must be some small sniff of a thrillseeker. Secretly, through my terrified screams, I loved it.

As we looked at the photos taken from the height of the free fall, I clearly looked aghast, while John was sniggering away in his seat.

Spot the experienced rider.

Tokyo Disney Sea for adults: Just as terrifying!


But hey, this was what Disney was all about, right?




Tokyo DisneySea for adults: Entrance


Tokyo has two Disney parks next to each other – Tokyo Disney and DisneySea. So what’s the difference? 

Tokyo Disney is based on the traditional Disney theme parks around the world, with the Disney Castle and plenty of Disney characters everywhere. There are more rides, and they are more child friendly.

In John’s words, they looked boring.

And, the famous fireworks display is held at Tokyo Disney.

DisneySea, on the other hand, is unique to Japan.

It has some incredible effects, lighting and staging and more adrenalin fuelled rides.


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Journey To The Centre of The Earth


Instead of the seven different lands, DisneySea has seven different ‘ports’ – including:

  • Arabian Coast
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Mediterranean Harbour
  • American Waterfront
  • Port Discovery
  • Mysterious Island
  • Lost River Delta


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: The Arabian Coast

Arabian Coast


Tokyo DisneySea for adults: Mediterranean Harbour

Mediterranean Harbour


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon


Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island


The design at each of these ports is impressive and extremely detailed. As soon as we stepped into each area, we were transported to another world.

I loved the romantic feel of the Mediterranean Harbour at night when the lights came on:


Tokyo DisneySea for adults: Mediterranean harbour at night

Mediterranean Harbour at night


And the playfulness and magic of ToyVille on the American Waterfront:


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Toyville


The beauty of the buildings and lanterns in the Arabian Coast:


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Buildings in Arabian Coast

Lanterns of the Arabian Coast in Tokyo DisneySea for Adults


And the brilliantly executed Indiana Jones Adventure in the Lost River Delta:


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Indiana Jones


There’s another key difference between the two, something adults may wish to consider: Tokyo Disney does not serve alcohol, but Tokyo DisneySea does!


tokyo DISNEYSEA for adults: best rides


There’s a variety of rides to suit all levels of thrill seekers from the aforementioned Tower of Terror, to a seated 3D Aladdin show in the Arabian Coast and gentle 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ‘underwater’ exploration.

The Mermaid Lagoon was a visual feast, and definitely more child friendly than some of the other ports.

And I got to meet someone very special in the lagoon:

Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Juliette meets Goofy



And YES – I am wearing Minnie Mouse ears. I don’t care that I’m a grown woman – this was Tokyo Disney, after all. I would have stood out if I WASN’T wearing some kind of cute accessory.


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Wearing Minnie Mouse Headbands

Sadly, yet unsurprisingly, I couldn’t convince John to buy any Disney accessories.

Our favourite rides were the Tower of Terror, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

These three were full of thrills and spills, twists, turns, sudden drops, outstanding visual effects and upside-down roller coasters. Not recommended if you have heart problems, or might suffer from heart problems as a result!

At the end of our day, we hopped on a Venetian gondola for a punt along the harbour; our gondolier singing a song as we drifted under a bridge, voices echoing around us.

A romantic way to end the day!

Tokyo DisneySea for adults: A gondolier on the Venetian coast


My favourite ‘port’ was the Arabian Coast. I couldn’t stop photographing the beautiful lanterns.


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Lanterns at Arabian Coast


And when nighttime rolled round, everywhere sparkled. Including Donald.


Tokyo DisneySea for Adults: Donald Duck

Tokyo DisneySea for adults: Nighttime Lights





Ah yes, I hear you.

But what if we don’t speak Japanese? 

Are there English translations?


While most tourist infrastructure in Japan has English translations available, the voiceovers in the rides at Disney were all in Japanese. That was the one thing that made it a little less than perfect, because neither John nor I speak Japanese.

However, the staff were all bilingual and there were English maps of the park presented to us at the entrance.

We would have loved to have understood what was being said in the shows, but the visual effects and rides were so spectacular, that we didn’t mind not being able to understand everything. Generally, it was all fairly self explanatory.

You don’t have to be able to speak fluent Japanese to enjoy Tokyo Disney, but a few words help. We got by with these four phrases:


Hello – Konnichiwa

Good evening – Konbanwa

Thank you –  Arigato

Excuse me – Sumimasen




We visited Tokyo DisneySea at the end of January – right in the middle of winter. 

It was very cold (especially for us, coming from a Fiji summer) and exceptionally windy, but all the rides were working. However we had a beautiful mostly sunny day, which was beautiful.

The Disney parks will be popular year-round, but usually it is a bit quieter in winter.

We also chose to visit on a Friday rather than a weekend. Friday is still a busy day at Disney, so if you really want to beat the crowds, opt for mid-week instead.


Entrance to Tokyo DisneySea



A fast pass is the best invention ever for Disney and it’s FREE with your day pass to the parks in Tokyo.

A fast pass allows you to come back at a set time and wait in the fast queue. Some rides, such as the Indiana Jones Adventure, was a 90 minute wait.

Once you have a fast pass for a ride, you have to wait a certain number of hours before you can get your next fast pass.

Grab one for the most popular rides early on (especially for Tower of Terror and Journey to the Centre of the Earth), so you can later come back in the designated time to beat the queue.

Once you’ve got your fast pass, you can go off to some other rides which are are less popular and have shorter queues. Then you can come back to main ride at the designated time.

While waiting in the long queues, either John or myself would go and get some food before coming back to join the other who was waiting in line.

Eating at Tokyo DisneySea for adults




Navigating the subway system around Tokyo is super easy once you get the hang of it, just like subways in any other major city. Signs are in both English and Japanese.

I used several apps to get around Tokyo including Google Maps and the Tokyo Subway. 

From Tokyo Station, catch a train on the Key Line to Maihama Station.

At Maihama Station, you’ll walk across to the Resort Gateway Station, where you’ll board the Disney Resort Line – a Disney monorail that loops around both Disney Parks and back to the station.

You’ll need to purcahse both a monorail ticket AND the actual Disney park ticket, if you haven’t purchased your park ticket online.




YES! 100% YES!

I was worried the magic of Disney would be a little lost on me as an adult. But honestly, we had the time of our lives. I conquered my fear of rollercoasters and elevator-style rides and John got his adrenalin junkie buzz.

The lighting and visual effects were outstanding, the design was superb and quite frankly, it was SO MUCH FUN. I can’t remember the last time I have had that sort of magical fun – probably not since I was a child.

I think I enjoyed visiting the Disney park as an adult more than I enjoy visiting Disneyland in LA as a teenager.

It is truly magic for children and adults alike.

Our only regret? Having only one day to do Disney.




Magic Lamp Theatre Arabian Coast Tokyo DisneySea

Toy Story Mania Tokyo DisneySea

Mediterranean Harbour Buildings


DISCUSS: Have you ever been to Tokyo DisneySea or Disneyland? Did you go as an adult or a child and what did you think?



Guide to Tokyo DisneySea for adults: The best rides at Tokyo Disney



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  • Punita Malhotra

    Such a fun place! You’re right about the Mediterranean look of the night picture with all those shimmering lights. I’m not sure I have the heart for those scary rides 🙂

    • I loved the night scene of the Mediterranean! Very beautiful, with a sudden change of atmosphere when on the crazy rides!

  • Travelling Dany

    This goes stright to my bucket list! It’s fun but I had the same thought when we got to the Tower of Terror: I was so scared and I didn’t like it at all! 😀 Hubby on the contrary had the time of his life!

  • Claire Thompson

    Fabulous! Wish we’d had time to visit when we were in Tokyo.

  • Two Tall Travellers

    Never heard of this until now! But good to know this is the place to go if I ever want to get drunk on a ride haha. Looks fantastic!

  • Brianna

    Totally would visit! I love Disney, and the parks always bring out the little kid inside me. I love how this park has all the different areas and themes to visit. Sounds like a super fun day!

    • Disney is SO much fun. This was definitely a highlight and now I have a sudden obsession with going to other Disney parks around the world!

  • I have never been to any Disney parks before so I read your post with fascination. I am not sure I would have the courage to do the Tower of Terror, you were really brave! I love the Arabian Coast as well, it looks so authentic all so well made, with all those amazing details. The Mediterranean Harbour looks stunning too, it’s like I’m looking at an Italian city!

    • The Arabian Coast was beautiful! So much detail. Actually all of the ports had so much detail. Really well set up – totally recommend it even if you aren’t into crazy rides! And DisneySea definitely has less of a typical Disney feel to it, I would say it has a wider market.

  • I have never been to a Disney Park, but if I could I would definitely choose Disney Sea. I looks like an unique adventure. It is now on my bucket list 🙂

    • Definitely – DisneySea was very unique and not too Disney-ish if you know what I mean. Really great detail in the ports.

  • GingerPawsOutdoors

    My sister had been to Tokyo Disneyland and said wouldnt bother going to DisneySea. I wonder why because it looks a lot exciting on this post! I would love to try the Tower of Terror too! And of course a visit to Disneyland and Disneysea wont be complete without the Mikey Mouse ears! And also, my sister also complained about the rare English translation in the place. I hope to visit Disneyland and Disneysea in the future.

    • Oh she missed out on the best one! DisneySea was very unique and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else! It was a shame not knowing all the Japanese though, but we still got by and enjoyed every scene!

  • Your photos are awesome! I’ve never been to a Disney property but these look fun. I would really like to visit one day– it seems like it could be fun for adults.

    • Thanks heaps! I didn’t think I was a huge Disney fan but DisneySea was AMAZING. John’s been to a few and he thought it was easily one of the best.

  • I love Disney! (I used to work for WDW in Florida!) – but totally agree with John about the traditional park being a bit on the boring side. As an adrenaline junkie and big theme park ride addict, DisneySea would be right up my alley!

    • What an awesome job! DisneySea was crazy awesome and quite a unique spin on the traditional Disney parks – still keeping the Disney theme but injecting some pretty awesome new twists into it!

  • Wow this looks amazing and Disney Sea definitely sounds like a blast! I’ve been to Universal in Florida a few times so this really does look amazing. It’s also something else to do for when we visit Tokyo again!

    • Would love to go to Universal! John’s been but I haven’t. DisneySea was super fun though – I didn’t realise how much I would love it!

  • Marissa Abao

    I would definitely add this on my bucket list. I enjoyed going to Hong Kong Disneyland last year. The rides were all cute and suitable for kids. I want to try something more challenging and exhilarating. I’d invite my friends and go to Tokyo DisneySea.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

    • I hope you get the chance to visit Kathy! Hong Kong Disneyland would be pretty fun. Tokyo DisneySea might be a step up on the thrill-o-metre!

  • Carol

    Didn’t know the difference.Now Disney Sea looks to be quite an adventure!

  • I was thinking to myself all the way through the post ‘Toy Story’ as my daughter loves Toy Story and we’ve watched all 3 of them so many times. I was even going to ask you about Toy Story, then came Toy Story Mania, she would go crazy if she saw that! DisneySea does look good for adults but I would prefer to go with my daughter than anyone else, forgetting that I’m an adult! When I took my daughter to Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida I dressed her up as Minnie in the pink dress and the Minnie Mouse ears like yours! They work well for kids and adults too! John sitting calmly next to you on the Tower of Terror is a classic!

    • Oh cool! Toy Story Mania was awesome but we ran out of time to get to the rides as it was the last thing we did on the day. Wish we had spent more than one day there. It’s so much fun, no matter what age! Your daughter would love it for sure. In Japan, the dress-up thing is HUGE. So many people dress up in matching outfits! The Minnie ears were the least I could do! I love John’s face in that photo, especially compared to mine and some of the others in the photo!

  • Fillia Barden (www.WomanOfCour

    Never been to any Disney Park. I thought I will never want to visit. Not my thing…, but this one looks a bit different.

    • I didn’t really think it would be my thing either but because it was Tokyo, I felt we had to do it. Turns out it totally was my thing! I loved every second and want to go back!

  • It was super fun! Very unique. DisneySea on the whole was exceptionally unique and we highly recommend it!

  • Wow, this looks like such a fun place, I’d love to go to Disney Sea! I’ve been to Disneyland when I was a child but I think I’d really enjoy it now!

    • Yes and DisneySea is just a bit more unique and slightly less childlike. I loved every second but still enjoyed the magic of Disney and feeling like a little child!

  • I went to Disney Sea the day it opened back when I was in junior high school and I haven’t been back since..which is weird, since I loved it so much! This is such an awesome guide! Hope you pinned it on the FAF board! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday! See you next week! xo

    • What an incredible day to be there on opening! Did you dress up for it? So many cute matching couples and friends! I just wish we had more time in Tokyo. Well more time in Japan in general, we didn’t get to see half of what we wanted and we loved every second! Probably the coolest place we have ever been to!

  • Riely Mills

    I seem to forget that Disney exists beyond North America! I have never heard of DisneySea before, but would definitely have to go if ever in Tokyo. The design and details of each port is so cool! I am never to old for Disney!

    • Ha ha ye there are a few around! I didn’t know about DisneySea either until we started researching more about Tokyo Disney. 100% worth a visit – the design and details is absolutely outstanding! So much fun.

  • OOh fun! I didn’t know about Tokyo DisneySea! Looks amazing!! Ok, the Japanese would throw me off a bit too, but still looks way fun! Hope to go one day! Pinned! #FarawayFiles

    • It was a shame we couldn’t understand everything in Japanese but the effects were still pretty awesome!

  • wherejogoes

    Tower of Terror nearly killed me! I went on it once – never again! My kids love it though, they are adrenalin junkies. I thought I was dying. I love Disney so really enjoyed reading this about DisneySea – glad you got your ears on! #FarawayFiles

    • Ha ha I’m surprised I survived it! But…I would do it again. Such a fun day out. And DisneySea was an awesome unique adventure.

  • Angelique

    Why have I never heard of this!? This sounds amazing. I need to put this on my list of things to check out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Untold Morsels

    Sign me up Juliette! There’s always time for Disney even as we grow up. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles

  • hilary

    I love this post! I confess that I also love Disneyland! We’ve been to the Original Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris, but if I ever get back to Tokyo, I’m definitely hitting these two parks up! Looks amazing! #farawayfiles

    • Another Disney lover! Hope you get to add the Tokyo Disney parks to your list as they are totally worth the visit!

  • Clare Thomson

    Some really useful tips here, Juliette, particularly about the queueing and the Japanese words that might come in handy. I haven’t done Disney as a child OR an adult! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  • Janine Good

    Disney is my absolute fave. I am hoping to get to Japan by the end of the year on tour with a few days in Tokyo added to head here! Looks like a fabulous two parks to visit. I loved the tower of terror and my photo is just as hilarious as yours hahaha! Hope to see you this week on Fly Away Friday!!

  • Haha! My husband and I did Disneyland when we were newly married in our mid-twenties and loved it! I can’t imagine traveling al the way to Japan and going to a Disney Park – it feels like eating at McDonald’s when you visit Rome. BUT – that Disney Sea looks so unique and I love that they have things there that are only in Japan. I am pleasantly surprised and intrigued. Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFile, Erin

    • Ha ha – I like your analogy about McD’s – but given that the technology is so advanced in Japan I think the Disney effects are worth the visit!

  • I went to DisneySea back in December, and that place is kind of nuts! The theming is definitely amazing, and the park itself is gorgeous! I had a great time there, but was a little disappointed that there were more restaurants and food places than rides. But I love roller coasters and rides. Also did you notices that DisneySea and I’m guessing Tokyo Disney have their own characters – Duffy Bear and Shelly Mae?

    • It is nuts but awesome! I loved it. But there can always be more rides! Yes that’s right, apparently Duffy Bear is HUGE over there. I don’t remember Shelly Mae but I remember Duffy being everywhere.

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  • We’ve never been to Tokyo Disney or DisneySea, but we’d love to one day! We’re both avid theme park visitors, but more like John, the thrill seeker kind. Japan is pretty high on our bucket list and We’ll definitely be visiting Tokyo Disney and DisneySea when we make it there some day. No doubt about it! 😀 Thanks for this informative post, bookmarking it for when we’ll need it. 😉 Love your photos btw!

    • Hope you get the chance to go as it is a crazy, awesome experience! And Japan is a great place to experience it!

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  • DeeDee Webster

    We are going to the Tokyo Disney parks in a few weeks. We are so excited to be able to experience this.

    • Fabulous to hear – how did it go?

      • DeeDee Webster

        It was a great time. We live in Yokosuka so I will probably be back to really explore DisneySea. We were there for 3 days and chose to just do DisneyLand the third day before heading home. Something that I found to be interesting is that I did not have any trouble riding any rides (I am on the heavy side and was actually worried about this) but my son who is 6’3″ had some issues especially with Space Mountain in DL because of his height. He barely made the cut for Raging Spirits and chose that to be a one and done. This is a park that I thought I would never see and I loved every minute of my adventure.


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