Ocean Adventures
Snow Sports
Expat life in Fiji
Ocean Adventures
Snow Sports
Expat life in Fiji
Who Are We?

Hi! John & Juliette here. We are a young, adventurous couple from New Zealand, living in Fiji, on a mission to travel the world from snorkels to ski fields!



Welcome to Snorkels to Snow!

We are a New Zealand couple obsessed with ocean and snow sports. This is our travel blog where we aim to inspire, engage and educate our audience. Our latest adventure sees us based in Fiji until early-2017.

On our blog you’ll find the following categories:

SNORKELS: Our ocean adventures, predominantly scuba diving travel

SNOW: Skiing and snowboarding missions, as well as other snow and ice activities

DESTINATIONS: Our posts categorised by destinations, including LIFE IN FIJI: Our expat life in Fiji

TRAVEL: Travel tips and tales, advice and lessons we’ve learnt about starting a travel blog

We believe our style of travel – by heading to the ocean or mountains – gives us the best view of any destination we visit!

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